Hello. Welcome to Pynchon Watches. So glad you are here. 

Founded in London by the founder and creative director, Qasim Eisa, Pynchon Watches is committed to the art of producing premium quality watches that are accessible and affordable to the many horologists and watches collectors around the world. 

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As an associate member of the British Horological Institute (BHI), studying Clock and Watch Servicing at the British Horological Institute (BHI), Qasim Eisa, is passionate about watch designing and sketching since his childhood. After spending years studying the science of Swiss watchmaking, the idea of creating exquisite timepieces was born. He was on a mission to deliver what it is called at the time, “the most affordable and complicated watches in the world” and give as many people as possible the pleasure of owning and wearing a real fine Swiss Made watch. After some early meetings in UAE, Qasim moved with this high ideal in mind into Pynchon’s first registered business address at Covent Garden in London.

Why Pynchon? 

Our watches combine British engineering and Swiss heritage. Made in Switzerland, our timeless pieces are equipped with high precision Swiss movements, made in the best watch factories, under the auspices of our partners' workshop in the Netherlands.

We hope you enjoy our watches as much as we enjoy making them for you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us


Mankind has always possessed a keen interest in stars, planets, and the relationship between the moon and tides. For thousands of years, humans contemplated celestial objects to tell time but this fact has changed dramatically over time. By the 19th century, Swiss Man-made pieces of time known as "calendar watches" started to tell time, days of the week and the number and name of the month in a single work of art called a "pocket watch". 

Spending too much time outside sailing, surfing, boating or coast fishing makes it hard for us to have time to check our computers for more of an astronomical kind of information. Qasim's passion for astronomy turned into a desire to share such wonders with others. Following the Swiss heritage, Qasim worked on developing watches with astronomical complications to suit every astronomer's needs.