Only official Pynchon dealers are allowed to sell and maintain Pynchon Watches

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Did you know that there are valuable benefits to buying watches at authorized dealers and brand boutiques that are not typically advertised, and that you very well might not know about?

There are official and unofficial ways of getting a watch. Official places to purchase new watches include authorized dealers who carry a range of brands, as well as brand boutiques that carry products from just one brand.

The basic advantage of buying from an authorized dealer is greater security and, therefore, less risk.  You have no fear of getting a fake watch or a watch that has been somehow poorly handled on its way to you.  If there is something wrong with the watch as soon as you get it, it can likely be replaced with a perfect brand new watch very quickly instead of waiting for a repair. 


If the watch has a problem during its warranty period, an authorized dealer will send it to the brand’s specialists to be repaired by the very best so you will get a high quality repair for free.  And you will normally have a higher resale value, particularly if the watch is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Unauthorized retailers do not have the same manufacturer resources and knowledge about the products they are selling as an Authorized Retailer. Because unauthorized retailers cannot offer a legitimate manufacturer's warranty, they will usually offer their own warranty.

Pynchon Watches will not honor the manufacturer's warranty unless the product was purchased through an Authorized Dealer. In many cases the manufacturer will require the original purchase receipt and/or the warranty card to be stamped by the dealer.