Cruinlagh and Gloas collection!

“The Cruinlagh and Gloas collections are a modern, an all-new concept, and simple in functions.”

– Qasim Eisa

Inspired by the universe!

Cruinlagh is the UK’s designated exoplanet originally named WASP-13b. It is a large, gaseous planet, found in the Lynx constellation. It is about a third of the mass of Jupiter and takes just 4 days to orbit its host star, known as Gloas originally named WASP-13. This star (Gloas) is over 740 light years from Earth and is similar to the Sun, although it is likely to be larger, hotter and older.

The Cruinlagh and Gloas, Mechanicals!

Cruinlagh and Gloas collection names are selected as a tribute to Pupils at Cronk y Berry Primary School in Douglas who submitted suggestions in Manx Gaelic in The UK Exoplanet Naming competition. Powered by automatic and quartz movements, with two different Manx Gaelic collection names Cruinlagh (which means 'to orbit') - Gloas (which means 'to shine').

Cruinlagh - Automatic Movement
Cruinlagh - Automatic Movement

The case of the Cruinlagh and Gloas is crafted exclusively to look like spaceship with it sphere-share sapphire crystal, simplifying the voyage to discover Cruinlagh exoplanet and its star. The dial’s base, hours, minutes and seconds are working by discs, and in the movement and color combination they represent the orbit of Cruinlagh exoplanet around Gloas which shines brighter than the sun.

Gloas - Quartz Movement
Gloas - Quartz Movement

The Cruinlagh and Gloas personalization​!

The collection is designed in a way that can be highly personalized by what is offered in terms of dial colors. Available in blue, black, white, and multicolored dials, a selection that can satisfy watch lovers from around the globe.