The Perihelion 


We have finished the work on The Perihelion prototype in September 2020! Although the watch looks impressive, however, we at Pynchon Watches decided to make some modifications to the first prototype so that the final piece will be ready for production!

The four stages of design according to Pynchon Watches, are as follows:

The first stage:

It started with an empathic understanding of the design! We at Pynchon Watches believe that empathy is crucial to a human-centered design process, where empathy allows us to set aside our own assumptions about the world in order to gain insight into watches collectors and their needs.

The second stage:

During this stage we put together the design information we have created and gathered during the Empathise stage. We analysed our observations and synthesise them in order to define the core design that we and the team have identified up to this point. In this stage we started to progress to the third stage, Ideate the final design, by asking questions which can help us look for positioning the time display with other complications of the watch!

File with description png.png

The third stage:

At this stage our designers were ready to start generating ideas. We picked some other Ideation techniques to initiate the design to help us investigate and test the design so we can find the best way to either solve a problem an issue in the dial, or the case of the watch, with all the smallest details, or provide the elements required to circumvent it.

the Perihelion black
Silver dial.png
Black dial.png
Case 02.jpg

The fourth stage:

Our design team now as of September 2020, is producing a number of inexpensive, scaled-down versions of the watch or its specific features found within the dials, so they can investigate the problem solutions generated in the previous stage. The solutions are implemented within The Perihelion prototypes, and, one by one, they are investigated and either accepted, improved, and re-examined or rejected on the basis of the users’ experiences.

Now, we have a better idea of the constraints inherent to the watch and the problems that are present and have a clearer view of how real users would behave, think, and feel when they put the watch on their wrists.

Prototype 01.jpeg
Prototype 03.jpeg